Surveillance & Reconnaissance

Mission configuration example "Surveillance & Reconnaissance"

+ Aircraft:


+ Crew:

1 or 2 pilots, 1 operator, optional camera remote control function

+ Sensors:

Mission specific turret (EO/IR)
Airborne computer for moving map system, Synthetic Aperture Radar

+ Mounting:

Universal Nose/Underfloor Pod

+ Operator console:

Camera controls, 2 Multifunctional Displays

+ Data link:

Wide range microwave downlink, Satellite uplink

+ Communication:

Tactical radio

+ Unified command suite

Customized state of the art communication and computer systems
Line of sight downlink antennas for multiple aircraft connection
Moving map system for aircraft coordination and collaboration
Satellite receivers for beyond line of sight communication
Camera remote control systems
Storage and archive solutions
Redundant system architecture

References and live exhibitions
+ London Olympic Games 2012 (vital surveillance missions)
+ German Armed Forces/ NATO (Common Shield 2009)
+ Royal Air Force
+ Police Nationale, France
+ Royal Thai Air Force
+ Netherland Air Force
+ Austrian Armed Forces
+ AFDRU Austrian Armed Forces Desasters Relief Unit
+ Ukraine Border Control