News 2007


The EASA TCDS- A513 was issued 14. December 2007.

This achievement is a big milestone for the surveying community. From now on it is possible to purchase a turn-key solution for airborne laser scanning (off the shelf). The company Diamond Airborne...


OPALE (Optional Piloted Surveillance and Reconnaissance System), produced in cooperation with Rheinmetall Defence, was deployed together with the German air force during the experimental exercise...


Ing. Wolfgang Grumeth, Managing Director of Diamond Airborne Sensing GmbH, personally delivered the first DA42 Multi-Purpose Platform (MPP) in serial production to Dr. Johannes Riegl, CEO of RIEGL...


Wiener Neustadt, Austria
June 6, 2007

On June 3rd, 2007, Diamond Airborne Sensing GmbH participated in a civil catastrophe relief exercise organized by the Catastrophe Emergency...

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