DA62 MPP  – A new generation of remote sensing turnkey solutions

The DA62 MPP is the next larger Diamond Surveillance aircraft featuring the latest in tracking and sensor technology. A new benchmark on the light aircraft surveillance market. The most cost-effective, powerful and versatile airborne platform in its class available today.

DA62 MPP Highlights
+ MTOM: 2,300 kg (5,071 lbs)
+ Payload: up to 710 kg (1,565 lbs) for crew, mission equipment and fuel
+ Field proven composite technology: no corrosion, unlimited lifetimeafety monocoque construction
+ State-of-the-art avionics (airliner standard): Garmin G1000 glass cockpit, fully integrated GFC700 autopilot
+ Single lever operation (EECU)
+ Exceptional range and endurance: up to 10 hours non-stop missions
+ Heavy fuel technology: 180hp Austro Engine AE330, worldwide operability
+ Lowest total operating costs
+ Production aircraft based
+ Full OEM level integration
+ Low Noise & IR signature (On-top exhaust system)
+ Mat grey painting: reduces sun reflection
+ Impressive single engine performance


Mission Applications
+ Search & Rescue
+ Coastline Patrol
+ Border Patrol
+ Force Protection
+ Fire Fighting
+ Disaster Management
+ Pipeline Monitoring
+ Infrastructure Monitoring
+ and more

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DA62 MPP Features