The "green" aircraft

Lowest noise
Diamond Aircraft's innovative exhaust gas system for the Austro Engine powered DA42 aircraft reduces the noise level by 20db below the official limitations during take off. The system, which was originally designed for military purposes, will now be available for private and training purposes. This and other developments underline our efforts to make flying more environmentally friendly.

Lowest fuel consumption
The new Austro Engine Jet A1 aviation piston engine reduces fuel consumption at an equivalent power setting by 46% when compared to a conventional gasoline engine. This means: more money in your pocket!

Lowest emissions
Aviation Gasoline 100LL contains an additive, which develops into lead after burning. Therefore, Diamond Aircraft and Austro Engine invested EURO 48 million to introduce new engines into aviation, which are both, environmentally friendly and powerful. Compared to conventional gasoline engines, a Diamond Aircraft plane has significantly lower exhaust emissions.