Technical specifications Austro Engine (AE300)
+ Inline liquid cooled 4 cylinder piston common rail engine
+ Displacement of 1991 ccm
+ Bark away power of 168 hp
+ Propeller torque of 513 Nm

Innovation for aviation
+ Efficient operating parameters until 5,490m (18,000 ft)
+ Types of fuel Jet A, Jet A – 1, TS-1, RT, JP-8 (F34), No. 3 Jet Fuel
+ Superior parameters of performance
+ High reliability (preventive maintenance)
+ High endurance
+ Minimal demand of service

Factors of success
+ Powerful: high performance, enormous torque
+ Reliability: robust, durable gearbox design, appropriation of approved parts from the automotive
+ Economic: low fuel consumption due to common rail technology, minimal
   demand of service, target TBO of 2000 hrs

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