Unique Features

With a DA42 MPP you win a EASA/FAA certified platform with outstanding unique features in its class:

Low Operating costs

Low fuel consumption

Short downtimes

Long endurance

Impressive Performance

Max airborne operations time at 35% power: 12 hours

Max. cruise speed (16,000 ft, MCP) = 317 km/h (171 kts)

Continuous operation at 100% max power

Min. operation speed: 132 km/h IAS (71 kts IAS)

Max. service ceiling: 5486 metres (18,000 feet)

Useful Load: 634 kg / 1,398 lbs (subject to aircraft configuration)

Low Noise and IR Signature

Virtually undetectable at 1000 m / 3280 ft in suburban areas 

59 dB at 150 m / 500 ft range and 60% power (approx. 130 kts)

78 dB at take-off power

Powerful Engine

Worldwide fuel availability and operability

Turbocharged engines give exceptional ‘Hot and High’ performance

Low fuel consumption based on advanced direct fuel injection system

State of the art engine management system (EECU)

Multi-fuel certified:
+ Jet A, Jet A – 1 (ASTM D 1655)
+ TS-1 (Russia; GOST 10227-86)
+ TS-1 (Ukraine, GSTU 320.00149943.011-99)
+ RT (Russia; GOST 10227-86)
+ RT (Ukraine; GSTU 320.00149943.007-97)
+ No. 3 Jet Fuel (China; GB 6537-2006)
+ JP-8 (F34) (USA, MIL-DTL-83133G-2010)

Single Engine Performance

safety feature: positive rate of climb with one engine inoperative

All Weather Capability Day and Night

VFR/Night VFR/IFR certified

EASA/FAA certified Icing Protection

Active Safety Features

Garmin 1000 Synthetic Vision feature - airliner standard

Single lever control (ECU - Engine Control Unit) and fully integrated GFC700 autopilot reduces pilot workload/fatigue

EASA/FAA single pilot certified

Tomorrow's Technology

Advanced composite technologies developed by Diamond Aircraft

Composite design offers high strength to weight ratio


Advanced composite technology used for all structural components

22G crash tested cockpit / dual wing spar design

Never had a failure in the structure due overstressing

Never ever experienced a fire after crash

Outstanding Safety Record

Minimum Downtime

Overnight on-site maintenance for engines and airframe

Worldwide support and service centre network

Unlimited life time for all composite components