Power Plant


2x AUSTRO ENGINE AE300 (168hp each)


2x MT 3-blade hydraulic constant propeller

Fuel Grades

Jet A, Jet A – 1 (ASTM D 1655)
TS-1 (Russia; GOST 10227-86)
TS-1 (Ukraine, GSTU 320.00149943.011-99)
RT (Russia; GOST 10227-86)
RT (Ukraine; GSTU 320.00149943.007-97)
No. 3 Jet Fuel (China; GB 6537-2006)
JP-8 (F34) (USA, MIL-DTL-83133G-2010)


Max. cruise speed (16,000ft, MCP)

317 km/h TAS

171 kts TAS

Min. operation speed

132 km/h IAS

71 kts IAS

Consumption at 35% power (loiter speed)

24.2 lt/hr

6.4 US gal/hr

Max. airborne operations time at 35% power

12 hours1)

Typical airborne operations time

6 - 8 hours1) 2)

Max. range at 45% in 14,000 ft
standard/auxiliary tank

1,292 km / 1,974 km1)

698 nm / 1,065 nm1)

Take-off distance over 50 ft obstacle (ISA SL)

886 m

2,913 ft

Landing distance over 50 ft obstacle (ISA SL)

647 m

2,127 ft

Max. service ceiling

5,486 m

18,000 ft



8.70 m/ 2.49 m

28 ft 6 in/ 8 ft 2 in

Wing span

13.42 m

44 ft


1 or 2 pilots

1 or 2 operators

Typical mission crew

1 pilot

1 operator

Empty weight

1,365 kg1)

3,008 lbs1)

Useful load

634 kg1)

1,398 lbs1)

Max. take-off mass

1,999 kg

4,407 lbs

Fuel capacity standard/auxiliary tank

189 lt/288 lt

50 US gal/76 US gal

Multi Purpose Platform Features

Payload Pods: Universal Nose (65kg/144 lbs), Nose Pod (85 kg/188 lbs), Belly Pod (80 kg/177 lbs), Underfloor Radar Pod (16 kg/35 lbs)

Bubble canopy | Large elevator tips

Passive surveillance painting | Noise & IR reduction kit

Power supply for mission equipment (40A/28V)

 1) Specifications can differ depending on the specific sensor equipment.
 2) With standard mission equipment and 2-man crew.

Specifications are based on aircraft configuration with universal nose, underfloor pods, satcom radome and gimbal camera equipment. Specifications can differ depending on the specific sensor equipment. The above quoted data are approximately specifications and may change without notice.

Facts and specifications are based on the latest aerodynamic improvements of DA42 MPP Guardian.