System Integration

Precision from above.
Learn how a DA42 MPP with a sensor package gets tailored to your special needs.

Diamond Aircraft suceeded in building the ultimate surveillance aircraft: the DA42 MPP. We offer remote sensing turnkey solutions comprising the aircraft, airborne sensors, C2 centres as well as corresponding pilot, operator and maintenance training. Our cooperation with industry experts and our partner network guarantees the employment of cutting-edge technology as well as competent and reliable project implementation.

External pod philosophy
The DA42 MPP is designed to incorporate external pods with a modular approach with special hardpoints and wirings for the sensor equipment. Hardpoints are fixed on the belly and the nose of the aircraft. Depending on the sensors, we will choose the right pod for your needs.

Sensor equipment
Examples of already approved sensor euqipment can be seen by clicking here.

Configuration examples
Surveillance & Reconnaissance
Airborne Laser Scanning
TV Broadcast

Data transmission
SATCOM satellite up- and downlink
Line of Sight downlink